If you only know of carpet cleaning services, today we would like you to know more about it. Did you know that carpet cleaning involves different methods? Since there are various factors in carpet cleaning, there are also various methods to target those different factors. These methods are just some of what is used in the carpet cleaning business. 

1. Hot Water Extraction or Steam Carpet Cleaning 

This method of cleaning your carpet involves hot water which is introduced using a high pressure which helps get rid of the dirt in your carpet easily due to the high pressure introduced to the fibers in your carpet.  

This method not only uses hot water but as all cleaning involves, a cleaning agent as well. The carpet is initially brushed with the incorporation of a cleaning agent and rinsed thoroughly afterwards. The cleaning agent is also left on the carpet for a duration of time. After this process, the carpet will then be washed through the use of a certain equipment and dried in a cool temperature room or area.  

The time consumed in cleaning a carpet depends on the size of it. Some can take 2 hours while some takes 4 hours or more.  

 2. Carpet Shampooing 

This method of carpet cleaning has been popularized in the late 1970s. While shampooing sounds like a method that thoroughly cleans because it involves a lot of foaming this method actually has disadvantages. Since there is a lot of foaming involved, the carpet is more wet and can have a lot of residue left from the foaming or shampooing thus it can take up a lot more time in order for it to dry. If the carpet is not dried thoroughly, there can be stickiness and the carpet can accumulate more soil since it is still damp, thus compared to all other methods mentioned here, this method is least popular.  

 3. Encapsulation 

This method came into picture because of the problems that has risen through the carpet shampooing method. Through encapsulation, a detergent that is responsible for foaming has been synthesized and designed to crystallize once it dries thus getting rid of the stickiness problem that can trigger more soil to accumulate in the carpet. Once the carpet has been dried, the crystals formed from the detergent will then be brushed away or vacuumed. This method also discourage water usage thus ensures you that the time your carpet needs to dry is lesser. This method has been famous since specially to those that vouches for methods and products that is good for the environment. One downside to this method is its inability to handle carpet that are heavily soiled.  

 4. Bonnet Cleaning 

This cleaning uses an equipment that is heavily motorized. The machine has a pad that spins which is immersed in a solution specified for cleaning and absorbs the dirt from the surface of the carpet. Hotels adore this method because it is a quick way to clean carpets. Since hotel owners generally handles a lot of work, carpet cleaning should not be a hassle. Through this method, carpet cleaning does not really involve a lot of moisture in order to be cleaned thoroughly, thus drying does not really require much time.  

Even if this is a good way hotel keep their carpets clean, it doesn’t necessarily mean it provides the best cleaning solution when it comes to efficiency. Because it only targets the surface, this cleaning method does not provide a deep clean on the carpet and once the carpet dries, since a hotel setting can involve a lot of people, carpets tend to be soiled just as quickly. 

Whatever method you prefer, carpet cleaning is a must. If ever you are in need of help, check on carpetcleanerrochester.com.