Lawn Aeration Benefits 

Aeration is a good way to make sure your lawn is well taken care of. The process of core aeration is through the removal of small plugs that are found on your lawn. Through aeration you can reduce the soil compaction in your lawn thus ensuring growth. Moreover, if you are currently thinking through the process, know that this method is not new specially to landscape enthusiast and professional landscapers. 

If you want to aerate your lawn, here are some benefits you should look forward to.  

1. Improved overall health of your turf 

Making sure that the roots of your grass have a good access to water, fertilizer and air allows it to better receive the nutrients and sunlight it needs for it to grow healthy. Through aeration, the roots of your grass will have room for growth.  

 2. Relieves soil compaction 

When it comes to making sure that your soil has a proper air exchange with the atmosphere it is in, aeration is your definite answer. If you have a soil that is compacted, the roots of your grass can be greatly deprived of the air it needs. Through the process of aeration, it unclogs the soil that has been compacted thus minimizing dead spots in your lawn and making sure that your grass grows thicker as you continue with the process regularly.  

 3. Reduce runoff 

When your soil is not compacted it can absorb the water introduced to it better as well. Through aeration this is possible. If you notice that your lawn has thin spots or dead spots here and there and you notice some puddles whenever there is rain or storm, soil aeration is your answer.  

 4. Reduce thatch 

If you don’t know what thatch is, it is actually an organic matter that decomposes and is found on the surface of your lawn. Thatch can bring benefits to your lawn however having too much of thatch can also bring harm to your lawn as well. Thatch is good for your lawn if it does not exceed more than half an inch however if it exceeds that number of measurements, it can be suffocating your grass through preventing access of water, air and nutrients to it. Through the aeration process, excess thatch is removed thus promoting a healthier environment for your grass to grow.  

 5. Beneficial for the future 

Through aeration, you can also prevent insect swarming because it strengthens your lawn’s resistance. Moreover, it is a great way to prepare your lawn for the winter. Lastly, since the grass on your lawn has better access to air, water and the fertilizer, it also grows more thicker thus giving you a better finish in how your lawn appears.  

Your lawn is never just grass. It adds life and color to your home and it also keeps your home more appealing and can be beneficial for future plans of selling your home. If ever you want some help with your lawn care concerns, Stone Oak Lawn Care can definitely help you! Check out the website today and know more about the services offered!